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Storage service

We'll keep your belongings safe while you're renovating and away for an extended period of time.

Contact with us and Pro American Van Lines will provide safe storage for your belongings.

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Warehousing services for all occasions

Storing your possessions in storage may be necessary for a variety of reasons - moving, repairs, lack of space in your new home or office. We will provide careful and safe storage of your belongings for any period of time.

All kinds of items from large furniture to fragile crockery can be stored in our warehouses.

Security cameras around the perimeter of the storage facility are responsible for the safety of storage. Optimal temperature and humidity levels are maintained in the premises and regular anti-pest treatments are provided to prevent property damage. You will be able to pick up your belongings from the storage facility at short notice - just contact the manager of the company.

Our advantages:

  • 1

    Spacious storage facilities

  • 2

    Safety storage

  • 3

    Climate control systems

  • 4

    Unlimited storage time

Our Services & Expert Approach

Our team can handle all your requests, from door-to-door service to most careful and efficient packing of any fragile items you might have. Our services are always reliable and stand out for quality, reasonable cost and convenient timing.

How do you save things in the warehouses?

Our warehouses are equipped with ventilation. The rooms are regularly treated against pests (rodents and insects). Video surveillance cameras on the perimeter of the storage facility guarantee the safety of things.

What items may not be stored in the storage facility?
How do I put things in storage?

You can place an order for moving your belongings in any convenient way:

3075 Nutley St SW, Unit 195, Fairfax, VA 22031


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