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Accurate transportation of personal belongings over any distance

A successful move to another city or state is possible if several conditions are met - a truck of suitable capacity, quality packing materials, experienced movers. Pro American Van Lines can provide all this.

We have more than 10 years specializing in the organization of removals from apartments, houses, cottages.

For all long-distance moves we prepare a schedule and approve it with the customer. Personal manager will pick up transport according to the volume of things. The Mover team will arrive at the agreed time, neatly pack things, mark the boxes and load them into the van. In addition, we can order services for disassembly and reassembly of furniture.

Our advantages:

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    Fixed price

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    Shipping insurance

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    Professional packing

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    Careful delivery

Our Services & Expert Approach

Our team can handle all your requests, from door-to-door service to most careful and efficient packing of any fragile items you might have. Our services are always reliable and stand out for quality, reasonable cost and convenient timing.

How do you pack/load your belongings?

A truck with a team of specialists arrives at the assigned time. Workers begin the process of disassembling furniture and packing things. Foreman checks that all items are properly and carefully packed before loading them into the truck. Only after the inspection are the items loaded into the truck.

When do you have to deliver my belongings?
What cars are used for cargo transportation?

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