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3075 Nutley St SW, Unit 195, Fairfax, VA 22031

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    Planning to move to Movers Centerville from an apartment, cottage, office? We will arrange it without the stress and hassle!

    Pro American Van Lines Movers team will prove to you that moving can be comfortable and safe. We have more than 10 years specializing in the organization of moves of various complexity - from apartments, cottages, offices.

    Own fleet of vans, a team of professional movers, and reliable logistics schemes allow us to make the move at any distance.

    Our experts are responsible for the safety of your property at all stages of relocation - packaging, loading / unloading, delivery. Movers will carefully pack personal belongings, household appliances and office equipment, disassemble and reassemble furniture, carefully move your property to a new address, and will help to settle in a new place. In addition, you can order temporary storage services at our safe warehouses.

    Our advantages:

    • 1

      Professional packing of belongings

    • 2

      Careful delivery

    • 3

      Shipping insurance

    • 4

      Transparent pricing

    How much does moving cost?

    With each client, we individually stipulate the services that will be needed when moving. The cost of moving from the apartment, cottage or office will directly depend on it. The exact cost can be determined by the manager after consultation. To find out the approximate cost of moving, you can use the handy calculator on our website.

    How do you transport large items?
    Can I pack my personal belongings myself?

    You can place an order for moving your belongings in any convenient way:

    3075 Nutley St SW, Unit 195, Fairfax, VA 22031


    Pro American Van Lines provides a comfortable environment at every stage of the move







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