Packing may seem like the most easiest part
about moving, right?

Not exactly!

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Packing Tips

Packing is for sure the most thorough part of the move. It’s not just putting things in boxes! Pro American Van Lines have the proper training and skills required to ensure that all your belongings will make it safely to the new home (properly wrapped furniture and packed boxes save money by eliminating damage and making loading and unloading more efficient).

Want us to pack everything for you safely? Awesome!

Full Packing Service will perfectly fit your needs. We are pros when it comes to packing! We will provide all necessary materials and well trained packers to finish it all in no time!

Feel like you want to do it yourself? No problem!

We have different options to choose from! With our Advanced Packing Service movers will take care of protecting absolutely all furniture for you, including mirrors, TVs, big wall pictures, etc. You will only need to have your boxes ready!
Or you can go with Basic Packing Service and save some money on protecting your stuffed furniture and fragile items on your own, while movers will still wrap all wooden furniture for you. With our guidance you will find out the right way of doing it!

A little bit of what we do:

- Worried about your expensive plasma TV? We will take the stress off your shoulders. By wrapping TVs with bubble wrap and customized boxes we protect them from any possible damage! It’s also goes to mirrors and glass furniture pieces.
- Want your mattress to stay clean and neat after the move? You got it! We will protect all mattresses, box-springs and any other overstuffed or fabric furniture with plastic wrap.
- Concerned that your furniture may get scratched? Not with us! Every piece of furniture will be carefully wrapped with our professional moving pads to avoid any scratching or damaging!

No matter how big, small, fragile or valuable items you have we'll take care of them as if it would be our own move!

Materials we use:

Product Name Size Description
Dishpack 18” x 18” x 28” These super heavy-duty corrugated packing boxes are manufactured specially for kitchen utensils.
Book Box 12” x 12” x 16” Ideal to pack heavy items like books.
Medium Box 18” x 18” x 16” Ideal to pack small electronics and other medium weight items.
Large Box 24” x 18” x 24” Ideal to pack large items like pillows or baskets.
Mirror/Picture box 4” x 37” x 61” These boxes were designed for the moving industry for packing mirrors and other fragile glass items.
Wardrobe 24” x 40” x 46” These wardrobe packing boxes make it possible to ship or store clothing without removing from their hangers.
Bubble Wrap *** Air bubble makes excellent cushioning and void-fill. Protects against shock, abrasion and vibration.
Plastic Wrap *** Safely secures any objects from dirt, wetness and scratches during transit and storage.
Professional moving tape *** Ideal for sealing boxes and furniture. It is stretchable, adheres well and and will not leave glue residue on the furniture.

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